Who can I contact for more information about the leak at Xcel?

We understand the notification from Xcel Energy and the State of Minnesota may cause public concern. We encourage members of the public to use the resources and contact button on Xcel Energy's website for questions about the leak and the plant. While our local leaders continue to monitor the situation, the response and containment of the leak are being managed by agencies of the State of Minnesota and Xcel Energy. 

The public water system operated by the City of Monticello has been unaffected by the leak at Xcel. We’re committed to providing information and answering any questions as more information continues to become available.

If there is any impact to our drinking water supply or infrastructure, we will immediately notify the public with assistance from coordinating state agencies. For immediate text and email alerts in the event of future public safety messages, residents can subscribe to our City Alerts Program.

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