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Oct 13

City Council Highlights - August 23, 2021

Posted to Monticello City Council Highlights on October 13, 2021 at 6:19 PM by Haley Foster

Monticello City Council Highlights, August 23, 2021

Recognition of Bill Tapper

After over 27 years of service, to the City of Monticello and to the greater Monticello community, William “Bill” Tapper announced he would be leaving the EDA.Bill Tapper (2)

A long-standing business owner in the community, Bill began his service to Monticello with the Industrial Development Committee. The IDC, as it was known then, was formed by a group of business owners committed to growing manufacturing and industry in Monticello. The IDC later became a board of the City – the Industrial & Economic Development Committee, where Bill remained a steadfast member. As a member of the IEDC, Bill lent his wisdom and support to issues critical to the creation and retention of business and employment in Monticello.

“In 2007, Bill also offered his expertise to the Economic Development Authority, where he has built a legacy of thoughtfulness and mentorship. His work to support industry in Monticello has been instrumental in the growth of leading manufacturers like Bondhus Corporation, Dahlheimer Distribution, UMC, and many more,” said Mayor Lloyd Hilgart. “His work with the EDA also broadened to include support for workforce housing and the revitalization of downtown Monticello. We will miss Bill’s dedication and his depth of knowledge. We are so grateful and appreciative for his years of service,” he added.

“Thank you very much for this honor and giving me the opportunity to serve on the EDA and other economic development committees for all these years. As you know, economic development takes a village, but I would like to recognize Angela and Jim for their never-ending effort to move Monticello forward, and their always outstanding meeting prep work,” said Bill.

Council also approved the appointment of Hali Sittig to the EDA to complete the remainder of Tapper’s term, which ends on Dec. 31, 2021. Tapper was part of the selection process and was looking forward to her being sworn in as the commissioner.

“I have had a chance to meet and interview the candidate for my position, I’m very impressed and think she will do a great job of helping Monticello move forward,” said Tapper.

Fire Department UpdateMonti FD

Fire Chief Mike Mossey provided an annual update which included information on total number of calls, types of calls, the new fire station, the new command truck, training, public relations, donations, fire inspections, and future plans for the department.

“This year we’ve been really busy… it’s been busy and on top of that we’ve had some really big calls,” said Mossey.

From Aug. 1, 2020 to Aug. 1, 2021 the Monticello Fire Department has responded to a total of 292 calls. They also track the number of interstate calls, and so far in 2021 they have responded to 29 calls in 2021. This will be the second year of the fire inspections program. Fire Marshal Dan Klein has completed 670 inspections, and Chief Mossey says the goal is to have every business inspected at least once by Dec. 31.

Perks of the New Fire Station

In addition to all the compliments they receive from the public on the new station, Mossey says there are additional benefits, such as a faster response time, easier access to the interstate with the new location, and an upgraded ISO rating for the department.

“Long story short, we did get an upgraded rating which is really important for our townships that we serve. Those properties will actually see a reduction on their property taxes because of this rating.”

Open House PanoDonations

The Ellison family donated a large sum for multiple items, including the department’s custom-made rehab trailer. The department was also able to order a pump skid using community donations.

“That is basically pump, hose reel, and the water tank that goes in the back of our utility truck to fight wildfires,” Mossey. “We have some amazing donors in this community,” he noted.

Council Approvals

  1. Council adopted resolution 2021-63, approving donations for both the Monticello Fire Department and the MontiArts program
    1. City Council approved a donation from UMC in the amount of $2,477.06 for the Fire Department to be used for new tires for the Ranger ATV and exercise equipment and $10,000 from the Monticello Lions for the fish sculpture, “The Gathering,” at East Bridge Park Arboretum.
  2. Council approved appointment of the new EDA commissioner
    1. City Council approved the appointment of Hali Sittig to the EDA. Sittig will complete the remainder of Bill Tapper’s term which expires Dec. 31, 2021.
  3. Council approved the construction contract for the new DMV location
    1. City Council approved a contract with Kraus-Anderson Construction Company for the DMV Relocation Project in the amount of $284,179.


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