New Water Treatment Facility

WTP Facility Timeline Graphic

In May 2023 the City of Monticello received $11 million for construction of a new water treatment facility through the 2023 Bonding Bill passed by the State of Minnesota.

State funding was critical for accelerating the timeline for building the facility and its associated utility infrastructure in our community. While the municipal drinking water meets all federal and state regulatory requirements, tests have shown Monticello’s five municipal wells have higher levels of manganese than what is recommended by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).

The City completed a feasibility study to determine the most cost-effective way to treat Monticello’s drinking water to ensure our citizens have safe, reliable drinking water. This study recommended the construction of a convention gravity filtration system water-treatment plant.Water Treatment Plant Rendering

The new facility will be constructed at a city-owned site on Chelsea Road that houses existing utility infrastructure. The state funding contribution will not cover the full cost of construction, estimated at $28 million. However, it is a vital financing component that will reduce the amount Monticello needs to bond for and repay through utility rates. City leaders also continue to seek funding support from additional sources, including assistance from the federal government.

Providing safe drinking water to the public is one of our fundamental responsibilities to the public, and we’re committed to enhancing this service so you can feel confident every time you turn on the tap.

  1. Matt Leonard

    Public Works Director/City Engineer

  2. Mat Stang

    Utilities Superintendent