Parks Turf Conversion Project

The Parks, Arts & Recreation Department is planning for four Turf Conversion Projects throughout our community to convert turf grass into a native landscape. The Parks included in the project are:

  • Sunset Ponds Park, east of the Playground
  • Parkside Park, east of the parking area
  • River Mill Park, south of the backstop towards the sliding hill
  • Otter Creek Park, north of the trail towards Jerry Liefert Drive

The scope of the project will be converting turf grass into upland dry prairie, short sunny prairie wildflower and native oak savanna. The prairie and native mixes used will depend on the type of soils are at the parks. Turf grass requires a lot of resources to maintain and has negative environmental impacts such as overwatering, pesticides, and herbicide applications Additionally, turf provides no shelter or food for the pollinators, birds, and wildlife.

The Monticello 2040 Comprehensive Plan emphasizes the commitment to maintain and enhance the City’s public amenities with a wide range of parks and recreational facilities that provide opportunities for active and passive recreation, healthy lifestyles, access to wildlife and nature, and areas that reflect the community’s value for a world-class park system and variety of recreational experiences.

Turf Conversion