7th Street Retaining Wall and Sidewalk Improvements Project

Next summer the City will complete projects that create sidewalks along the north side of 7th Street connecting Locust to Walnut and along the south side of 7th Street between where it ends east of Cedar to Washington, excluding the portion of sidewalk scheduled to be installed by Wiha Tools.

The proposed project will replace approximately 385 feet of the retaining wall along the south side of 7th Street just west of Locust Street. As well as replacing the rectangular rapid flashing beacon located at the intersection of Walnut and 7th Street.


Missing sidewalks will be constructed to allow for safer pedestrian passage in this area.

Project Improvements

  • Fill a large portion of the sidewalk gap on the north side of 7th Street between State Highway 25 and Washington Street.
  • Repair a section of retaining wall along 7th Street west of State Highway 25 adjacent to the Cub Foods parking lot.
    • This section of wall will be replaced with a wall material similar to what was constructed at the intersection of 7th Street and Highway 25 along Hillside Cemetery.
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