Bertram Infrastructure & Accessibility Improvements Project

The Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Athletic Park Infrastructure Accessibility Improvements Project includes the construction of ADA‐accessible gravel trails/parking spaces, recreation support facilities, and transportation enhancements to the existing Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Athletic Complex.

Support facilities to be added include an open-air picnic shelter, seating areas, three water fountains, and a concrete pad that will support temporary restrooms. The project will also develop a new one‐way gravel entrance road from the south and a new two‐way internal park road to improve traffic circulation. The project also includes constructing a looped gravel trail system for pedestrian recreation and access.

The existing irrigation extension will provide successful seeding installations for turf and native plantings. The new support facilities are needed to increase the viability of the site as a regional athletic facility. The transportation improvements will benefit users of the regional park by improving accessibility and safety at the existing athletic complex.

The infrastructure accessibility improvements are part of a phased approach to building the athletic park as outlined in the Bertram Chain of Lakes Athletic Park Feasibility Report

BCOL Recreation Site Improvements Project Plan