Pinewood Elementary Safety Improvements Project


Increase pedestrian safety and reduce potential conflict points along near Pinewood Elementary. 

Estimated Construction Timeline

  • Tree Clearing - Beginning of July
  • Small Utility Relocation - July
  • Sidewalk Construction - July-End of 2023

Project Improvements

The improvements in the project include the following:

  • Install sidewalk to the East side of Elm Street between 6th Street and Broadway
  • Install sidewalk on 6th Street from Elm to existing sidewalk near Vine.
  • Install sidewalk on 4th Street from Elm to existing sidewalk at Minnesota.
  • Add enhanced pedestrian crossing at 3rd Street and Elm Street

Project Background

In 2019, the City and Monticello School District jointly-prepared a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) plan which identified high-priority improvements to increase pedestrian safety for students walking to school. Using the information gathered in the plan, the City submitted a SRTS infrastructure grant application. The grant program is funded through the SRTS program and is administered by MNDOT.  In spring of 2022, the City was notified that the grant application was awarded $500,000 from MNDOT to complete the project. The total project is estimated at $700,000.