Strategic Transition Plan

Monticello's Strategic Transition Plan

Our local economy benefits from the presence of Xcel Energy, a major electric utility provider in the Midwest. Xcel owns and operates the Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant (MNGP) along the Mississippi River in Monticello. The plant has been operational since 1970 and is a significant influence on the community, particularly as a major area employer and local property taxpayer. 

MNGP currently has a license to operate through 2030, and Xcel Energy is seeking to re-license the facility through 2040. While we’re optimistic the operating license will be renewed, the City is preparing for a future beyond the life cycle of the plant. The City’s goal is to plan for the eventual repurposing or closure of the plant by fulfilling a focused transition effort over time.

The Monticello Strategic Transition Plan brings several policy documents together into a single long-term vision for this transition. It is a guide to help us maintain a strong economy regardless of changes in the energy sector. 

Using the State of Minnesota’s Community Energy Transition Grant program, the City initiated several studies to evaluate the economic impacts of a plant closure. These included strategies to transition the city away from an energy-based economy, best practices for diversifying our economy, and understanding the anticipated costs of such changes. 

The Strategic Transition Plan is the cumulative result of these efforts. The Transition Plan represents a comprehensive and evolving plan for the future resiliency of Monticello. By proactively planning for change, Monticello is guiding its own economic future and establishing the conditions for a strategic, successful transition.

The following documents have been prepared for inclusion in the Strategic Transition Plan.