Spring Weight Restrictions

Restriction Status

Begin Date: Monday, February 26

End Date: TBD

Government agencies impose axle weight restrictions to protect roadways during the annual spring thaw. Local governments are granted authority to implement these restrictions by Minnesota Statute 169.87.

The limits help prevent premature deterioration of pavement as the ground thaws. Typically from February through May the gravel under the roadbed has high moisture content that can weaken the carry capacity of pavement and make the roadbeds more susceptible to damage. By restricting axle weight, the life of the roadways can be prolonged.

The exact dates of the restrictions vary from year to year, but we will note when they go into effect and when they are lifted. The City of Monticello places spring road restrictions in accordance with Wright County and MnDOT. Additional information can be found on the MnDOT and Wright County websites:

The City of Monticello does not issue any over limit permits. Questions? Contact Public Works at 763-295-3170.