Peddlers & Solicitors

Licenses for Door-to-Door Sales

Solicitors and Peddlers require a license from the city. The license is available at City Hall. There are certain exemptions for nonprofit organizations, garage sales, auctions, vendors of perishable commodities and others.

The application must be submitted to City Hall with a picture ID and must complete a background check.


To prevent sale solicitations, you may place a "Peddlers and Solicitors Prohibited" sign on or near the entrance of your home.

If you experience a harassing salesperson or violation of a "Peddlers and Solicitors Prohibited" sign, please call the Wright County Sheriff's Office at 763-682-1162 immediately after the person leaves, so WCSO can respond before the solicitor/peddler moves out of the area.

All licensed solicitors/peddlers must carry a permit issued by the city. There are certain exemptions from the licensing process for non-profit and certain limited types of sales.

Businesses with Current Permits

The following businesses currently have valid permits:

Everlight Solar - Permit valid through July 2022

  • Genevieve Kennedy
  • Jacob Smith
  • Kevin Kuern
  • Mitchel Box
  • Reid Huebner
  • Thor Olson
  • Preston McKasy

Brain Freezze - Permit valid through 2022 season

  • Michelle Remick

Winta Ice Cream- Permit valid through 2022 season

  • Fasil Agegnehu

Shared Solar Advisors  

  • Bryce Brannan - Permit valid through August 2022 
  • Kai Vang - Permit valid through September 2022


  • Eric Garavaglia - Permit valid through September 2022 
  • Wesley Schneider - Permit valid through September 2022 
  • Xavien Francis - Permit valid through September 2022 
  • Benety Occil - Permit valid through September 2022 
  • Peter Gordon - Permit valid through November 2022

TruGreen Lawncare - Permit valid through October 2022

  • Alexander Vecchio
  • Clayton Posch
  • Jonathan Teng Olson
  • Larry Longmore

Adams Construction - Permit valid through November 2022

  • Josiah Brown Adams
  • Holly Adams