Dutch Elm Disease

  1. What Is Dutch Elm Disease?
  2. Elm Bark Beetles
  3. Managing the Disease
  4. Tree Replacement

Monticello's urban forest is a valuable natural resource that must be preserved and maintained to provide a better quality of life for present and future generations. In an effort to maintain the vitality of the community's urban forest, the City of Monticello established a Shade Tree Disease Control Program to help control shade tree diseases in our parks and throughout our community. The City's Tree Inspector is responsible for the coordination of the Shade Tree Disease Program. Primary duties include the identification and control of Oak Wilt and Dutch Elm Disease infected trees on public and private property. A key aspect of this position is the direct communication and coordination of shade tree disease control efforts with the general public.

As a property owner, you can help control the spread of Dutch Elm Disease by checking your neighborhood for dead or dying elm trees and by checking your woodpile for elm wood with intact bark. If you are not sure if your woodpile contains elm wood or you suspect there are dead or dying elm trees in your neighborhood, please contact the Monticello Parks Department at 763-295-2711.