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Downtown Monticello is and will remain the heart of the community. It's the birthplace of the City and the focus of civic activity. Our Downtown Small Area Plan builds off those foundational qualities with a clear vision for the future of the core blocks Downtown.

The vision includes a commitment to retaining Broadway as as Monticello's main street, supporting existing businesses, improving connections to and our relationship with the river, and creating new downtown housing opportunities along Walnut and Cedar Avenues for existing and new Monticello residents.

The Plan envisions a Downtown that's lively throughout the day and into the evening, 12 months of the year. A downtown that serves many purposes for many people - including dining, recreation, celebrating, gathering, shopping, and living.

Downtown Area

The area includes premiere parks, restaurants, shops, and the character of historical Monticello. It's also home to many of the area's favorite annual community celebrations.

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Downtown MonticelloDowntown Logo

The Downtown Monticello logo was created to encourage downtown stakeholders to build a common brand identity.

It allows businesses to proudly proclaim their place downtown and helps people more easily identify the unique shopping, dining, and recreational opportunities downtown.

Downtown businesses are welcome to use the logo in their storefronts, advertising, business branding, etc. If you have questions about the logo or would like a copy of the file, please contact City of Monticello Community Development staff at 763-295-2711.

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