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What is the Pointes at Cedar?

The Pointes at Cedar reimagines how a large land area in the core of Monticello will develop over time. It takes into consideration the changing ways people want to live, work, and play, creating a unique place which combines economic development opportunities, residential living, and public recreation. The Pointes at Cedar is intended to accelerate quality private development in the area and act as a catalyst for additional growth and community connection.

The Pointes at Cedar is centered on a series of small, interconnected lakes. The water is surrounded by a variety of pathways and public spaces for discovery.  Surrounding these public spaces will be a mix of commercial and residential environments.

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The Pointes is an exciting planning project that will introduce a guide plan, known as a Small Area Plan, for a unique, nearly 100 acre area located in the center of Monticello, between Chelsea on the north and School Blvd. to the south; to the east is Edmonson Ave., and Cedar St. is to the west.

Project Updates:

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The Points at Cedar, DRAFT Masterplan Opens in new windowOfficial Adoption of the Small Area Plan

On September 27, 2021 City Council approved Resolution 2021-73; approving an amendment to the Monticello 2040 Vision + Plan (Comprehensive Plan) adopting the Pointes At Cedar Small Area Plan. Click here to read a project snapshot.  You can also view the final Small Area Plan for The Pointes using the links below:


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Adopted Zoning Ordinance - The Pointes at Cedar District

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