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What is the Pointes at Cedar?

The Pointes at Cedar reimagines how a large land area in the core of Monticello will develop over time. It takes into consideration the changing ways people want to live, work, and play, creating a unique place which combines economic development opportunities, residential living, and public recreation. The Pointes at Cedar is intended to accelerate quality private development in the area and act as a catalyst for additional growth and community connection.

The Pointes at Cedar is centered on a series of small, interconnected lakes. The water is surrounded by a variety of pathways and public spaces for discovery.  Surrounding these public spaces will be a mix of commercial and residential environments. In September of 2022 the Monticello City Council adopted the Master Plan for The Pointes. The Master Plan illustrates the full vision for the public spaces in the project area. 

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The Pointes is an exciting planning project that will introduce a guide plan, known as a Small Area Plan, for a unique, nearly 100 acre area located in the center of Monticello, between Chelsea on the north and School Blvd. to the south; to the east is Edmonson Ave., and Cedar St. is to the west.

Project Updates:

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The Points at Cedar, DRAFT Masterplan Opens in new windowOfficial Adoption of the Small Area Plan

On September 27, 2021 City Council approved Resolution 2021-73; approving an amendment to the Monticello 2040 Vision + Plan (Comprehensive Plan) adopting the Pointes At Cedar Small Area Plan. Click here to read a project snapshot.  You can also view the final Small Area Plan for The Pointes using the links below:


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Adopted Zoning Ordinance - The Pointes at Cedar District

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