Stormwater Utility Fee

Stormwater is a leading source of water pollution, and the City is responsible for meeting state and federal environmental regulations as well as maintaining stormwater infrastructure within city limits. To better meet these demands, the City established a stormwater utility fee that will be charged in drainage units. The 2022 monthly fee is $4 per drainage unit.

Stormwater Fund

Revenue received from the fee will be kept in a Stormwater Fund, and the money will be used for costs like:

  • Compliance and management of the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)
  • Storm sewer maintenance and upgrades
  • Stormwater pond maintenance
  • Street sweeping

Residential Properties

  • Residential properties include single-family, multi-family, townhome, mobile home, etc.
  • Residential units will each be assigned 1 drainage unit (e.g. a single-family home = 1 unit, a duplex = 2 units)
  • Single-family homeowners will see the charge as a $4 fee on their monthly utility bill.
  • Mobile homes will be billed as a group to the mobile home park owner.
  • Apartments will be billed as a group to the apartment building owner.
  • Any other clustered residential units (townhomes, etc.) will be billed as a group or individually, depending on how the utility bill is currently received.

Non-Residential Properties

  • The stormwater utility fee for non-residential properties will be calculated based on 7 drainage units per impervious acre.
  • There is a minimum of 7 drainage units for non-residential properties.
  • Impervious surface is rounded to the nearest acre.