New-to-State Vehicles

New-to-State vehicles are those coming to Minnesota from a different state. 

Transferring of Title

Existing Residents

If you are a Minnesota resident and you purchased a vehicle out of state, you have 10 days to transfer the title and get Minnesota plates.  If you paid sales tax in another state, we will deduct that from the 6.5% sales tax due to Minnesota.  We will need to see proof of the tax paid; it will be on your purchase agreement.  If you have a loan on your new car, we will need your loan information.

New Residents

New Minnesota residents have 60 days to transfer automobile title and plates (even if your out-of-state registration does not expire in that time frame). Trailers and trucks must be transferred immediately.  


If your previous state keeps the title because of a loan, we will need your current registration and your loan information.