Safe Routes to School

Following more than a year of cooperative efforts, the Monticello School District and the City of Monticello adopted the jointly-prepared Safe Routes to School Plan. The plan aims to make walking, biking, and rolling more accessible while encouraging health and safety for Monticello students and all members of the Monticello community.

The plan includes 13 high-priority improvements; two that directly impact the Monticello Middle School, five that directly impact Pinewood Elementary, and six that affect a combination of Monticello High School, Little Mountain Elementary, and Eastview Education Center.

Moving forward, the plan will be used to aid the Monticello School District, in conjunction with the City of Monticello and other partners, to apply for a Safe Routes to School Grant. The grant would provide funds to begin making the recommended improvements. The plan will also help the city and school district as they prioritize infrastructure improvements and prepare future budgets.