Riverside Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery was established in July 1883 in a beautifully wooded area encompassing 18 acres along the Mississippi River. It's managed and maintained by the City of Monticello Parks Department and open daily from sunrise to sunset. For more information about the cemetery, please call Public Works at 763-295-3170.

To research grave sites or open sites at the cemetery, the City offers this interactive map as a resource.

Fall Riverside Cleanup

The cemetery cleanup is the last week in October, starting on October 24. Please remove anything you'd like to save before the cleanup begins. Any items placed directly on the ground will be removed during the week. Items will be brought back to Public Works before being disposed of after a few weeks. The City is not responsible for any items left on the ground.

Winter arrangements can be placed in the cemetery when the cleanup is complete. Questions? Please call Public Works at 763-295-3170.

Our staff is available, by appointment, to assist families with the purchase of a burial space. 

Riverside Columbarium

Riverside's columbarium is a structure specially designed to accommodate cremated remains. It's located in a place of honor near the flagpole in the cemetery.

If you're looking for more information about the columbarium, including pre-purchase options, please call the Parks Department at 763-295-3170. You can also view and print the Columbarium Brochure (PDF).

Riverside Columbarium

Memorial Bench & Tree Program

Monticello's Memorial Bench and Tree Program is an opportunity for friends and family to provide a unique dedication to a loved one by placing a tree or bench in one of the beautiful city parks or in Monticello's Riverside Cemetery.

The dedication provides a lasting remembrance in honor of your loved one and enhances the meaning of a bench or tree to observers. The gift is also a valuable contribution to the Monticello park system.

Memorial benches have a die-cut metal design in the back which is customized to your design specifications. The cost of the bench, including installation, is $1,500. Please call the Monticello Park Superintendent for details at 763-295-3170.

The city of Monticello would like to thank you for considering this heartfelt dedication.

Memorial Bench